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manzanita builder kelowna
Kelownas best builder
Manzanita Homes,  
Spanish for "small apple"
Design, manage and build with Bryan Reese and
20 years and seventy five plus homes of

We  build custom homes on your lot or ours with fixed management
fees (no percentage). We design and  build projects for a fixed price.   
Based in S.E. Kelowna we service the Greater Kelowna area.
A few homes crafted by Manzanita....
Manzanita is Spanish
for "little apple", it is
also a type of
evergreen known for its
beauty and drought
tolerance which grows
in the valley.

Bryan's career in construction
and real estate/development
began in 1992. With the
experience of building  seventy
plus homes including multi family
construction and development,
you can hire Bryan and his
crew with confidence that can
handle your project & protect
the best interests of you, the

As a registered
member of the
National Home
Warranty and the
Home Owner
Protection Office ,
Manzanita Homes
offers its clients well
crafted homes at a
clear price, backed by
the  industries
insurance leaders.

Bryan has experience
with specialized items
including hydronic
heated slabs,
suspended garage
slabs, air source and
ground source geo
thermal heat pumps,
blasting, septics, tile
roofs, interior custom
mill work and timber
frame detailing.

Bryan enjoys learning
& is focused on energy
efficient, green
building. He works
with the highest
quality, reliable, yet
cost effective trades in
the Valley.

Born in Kelowna,
Bryan moved to the
coast as a young adult,
and has lived in
Australia and Mexico.
In early 2004 he
returned to Kelowna
with his Montanan
wife to start a family.
Time with them is his
greatest satisfaction,
that is why you won't
see Manzanita Homes
trying to be bigger. 3-4
homes a  year is

Our only advertising is
word of mouth and the
web site. Entering
industry awards isn't
my thing either, it
seems suspect to me
that to be eligible to
"win an award," it
requires you to pay an
entry fee to be eligible.
I have many real estate
awards from early in my
career that I didn't  
pay to win!

As a graduate of business
administration, he looks at
construction with a unique  
perspective, valuing
creativity, quality &
efficiency in his projects.  

We hope you enjoy the
web site, it was built,
mostly photographed
and is maintained by

What can we do for

Complete your custom
home from start to
finish or to "lock up/
frame" only, skilled help
with lot selection and
home design/ Create
written, itemized,
detailed budgets
based on complete
plans/ Written,
transparent  quotes
from all suppliers &
trades people/
On site management to
ensure speed, quality,
safety and security on
your home construction
/ Realistic time lines &
schedules to ensure on
time finish/ Qualified,
proven tradespeople/
Past clients homes to
inspect the quality &
unique styles / Third
party warranty provider:
National Home
Warranty / In person
handling of bankers,
appraisers, inspectors /
Work safe (WCB) and
liability insurance
coverage / Home based
office, close to job sites,
low overhead means very
competitive pricing /
Rezoning & subdivision
consulting with
successful experience
creating in fill,
subdivisions, condos &
town homes /
trades, fixed price or
fixed fee contracts/   
Complete construction
management without a %
and much more.

Cell: 250-870-1827

South East Kelowna  
home office by